My arms hurt.
RSI is a bitch, and normally I have it well under control, but last night, conveniently when it was time to clean up, my arms started aching something fierce and I just couldn’t lift anything heavier than…well, I actually couldn’t grasp anything. Fingers said no.
So I took 3 tylenol and did the best I could.

Turkey Day 2008

Turkey was fabu (rotisserie really is the way to go) doused in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, scary mashed potatoes, yammy mashed, cream giblet gravy, cornbread dressing, sacrificial cornbread (modified for Timmy’s palate-no celery, but Jiffy cornbread mix, parmesan, Zatarain’s, butter sauteed onions, sweet corn, heavy cream and honey.), roasted veggies (green beans, mushrooms, carrots, new red and fingerling potatoes with a slab o’ butter and a bottle of white wine), apple and cherry pies…
I think my favorite was the roasted veggies. Tex whined about him not liking veggies (which is a load of crap because he’s eaten everything I’ve ever put in front of him, so I don’t know what his issue was) but Timmy and I ate veggies like mad and I will so be doing that again ;) )

I gave Bunny some turkey (because it had no additives or flavorings and is a seriously clean source of protein… and also because there’s no point in torturing her.) and the minute she smelled it she got that psycho, wide-eyed crack-ho kitten look. I gave her tiny little bits and then chased her off (so that I could give her more little bits later). All told she probably had a teaspoon of turkey, but she was insanely happy over it. Sweet baby girl… even came out to look at Timmy once every couple of hours.

We ate later in the day than I expected, but I had lots of small snacky things around to tide anyone over. Also, Timmy sat in the kitchen (there is only effectively one comfy chair and one perching chair due to the chest freezer I have now.) while I cooked and then we did a buffet kind of thing… Timmy and I sat in the living room on trays and Tex sat at the table (even though I made room for him in the living room) so he could eat all the cranberry sauce without anyone knowing.

While Timmy and I were visitin’, I told him of my ideal kitchen (which is also a living room/den/dining room at the same time.) A very looong room with a very looong table (with all mismatched chairs and a couple of squishy chairs at the ends…and the table made from old barn wood or something, shellacked within an inch of its life; about 15 feet long) with a kitchen on one end and a fireplace area with 2 squishy love seats around it.
Kind of like this:

So here I am, quite contentedly on the couch in my insanely great sock monkey jammies, reading off and on and surfing. I think any food decision will be made based on whether I feel like going out today or not… the equation is as follows.
If yes, then sushi.
If no, then Guinness Beef stew.

…and I’ll put off the stew until SAT if we go to sushi…We have a chicken for SUN, so the food this weekend will be quite luscious all in all.
Also, I think I will be taking the day before turkey day of next year as well. Being home was nifty.


3 thoughts on “Redux

  1. Heh, it really was a mish mash table… various kitchen towels covering it, the double boiler and the red pans are just sitting there to get them out of the way.
    I’m pondering buying a 4 or 5 more of those Ikea white bowls so that I can almost without thought have everything be coordinated on the table straight from the oven.

  2. I love white bowls. Have some from Pier One, I use for most everything. The can serve as cereal bowls to serving dishes, albeit small servings. mly

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