I’m hoping my cooking mojo has returned this year.

Not being able to make lemon oatmeal cookies really was a blow to my fragile ego however long ago that was (much like the time my Hollandaise sauce separated…) this is a serious issue here, people.

Anyhoo, I’m breaking with tradition (as I am wont to do as blindly following any tradition bugs the shit out of me… if you have a reason other than “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” I’ll be glad to hear it, but otherwise, I don’t care.) and not making cornish game hens this year.
Blasphemy you say! But of course, would you expect any less of me?
Tex had sung the praises of the specially ordered turkeys his little family market around the corner has each year and I said OK with the proviso that it needed fit into the Ronco rotisserie because I hate most turkeys roasted in the oven… dried out and BORING.
Unfortunately, the 8 or 9 pounder we required ended up being 11.6 pounds which won’t fit in the rotisserie. So, now we are at plan B.
Its probably not too late for defrosting the little chickens, but now I have a taste for rotisserie and I don’t want to futz with the little guys (plus, I need turkey juices for gravy).
A chicken is too day-to-day and beef is reserved for thanksgivings where I am feeling especially contrary… so a turkey breast it is.
I’ll brine it the night before and then slather it with butter.
Otherwise, most everything else is fairly standard because I let myself have them at thanksgiving; cornbread for dressing, gravy, roast veggies… and I’m cheating this year with the mashed potatoes. Tex had needed soft foods when he was in the midst of all the dental work he’d had done this last month and I found some seriously gruesome cheese mashed potatoes to try (For $1.02 at Target)17587_pe101950_s3 and they were YUMMY-especially after I made them with whole cream, more butter than you’d ever dream and garlic, so we’ll be having those little beauties for dinner as well.
I’ll be using my little baking dishes from Ikea for pies and other baked items and possibly doing home made biscuits depending on how crabby I am when I get up THU morning.

Le Menu:

sour cream banana nut muffins

Turkey breast (brined and rotisseried)
cornbread dressing
giblet gravy
roast veggies in wine & butter (carrots, mushrooms, potatoes + anything else that strikes my fancy)
sweet potatoes and vanilla beans
green beans
mashed potatoes

apple pie
cherry pie
vanilla ice cream

I took Friday off (they gave us floating holidays) and I have fabu sock monkey jammies, new ebooks identified (Didja know that Target sells gift cards for the Sony eBookstore? I’m just sayin’.) and a Guinness beef stew recipe lying in wait for my crockpot.
Friday is also the new moon, so that might be something to work in as well.
Frankly, I think I’m looking forward to Friday more than I am Thursday.
The rest of the weekend will probably be equally low key, filled with leftovers and Amazon/eBay ordering for xmoose plus some other hand made things.
I’ll try to take pictures, but no promises… if my blackmail works properly, I will have a photographer on hand. ;)


3 thoughts on “THU and FRI

  1. remember, we put a 12 pound turkey in and the only reason it had a little problem [ok, so we left it alone and the leg came loose and it burned just a little where the leg got caught in the heating element, the rest was fine!] was that I didn’t tie it well enough. otherwise it worked fine [after we found it, retied it]. so it will do a 12 pound bird, unless you have one of the little rotisseries. and i hope your banana nut muffins are made with quinoa, they are wonderful and your meme loves them. i’ll probably call you today and tomorrow, thinking of you lots, mly

  2. Heh, everything usually turns out pretty good… comfort food mostly, but still very yummy (I mean, really.. how can you go wrong with things roasted in garlic, butter and wine? Even *I* have a hard time messing that up.)

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