A bit of back and forth on Prop8

“Its not natural”
Neither is using certain drugs to cure cancer, other drugs to control diabetes, going into space, but you seem to be fine with going to the doctor and NASA.
Change happens.
Also, reality television is unnatural and it seems to be very popular.

“I was raised with the idea that marriage was between and man and a woman.”
My great grandparents (and probably even grandparents) were
raised with the idea that marriage between a white person and a person
of color was miscegenation. They were also segregated and taught that
anyone who wasn’t white wasn’t a full human, hence the experiments on black people.
That was wrong.

“I don’t like it”
Fine, don’t marry someone of your own sex.

“My religion says its wrong”
And my religion doesn’t say it one way or another, but more to the point, why is your religion writing legal policy? Separation of church and state is there for a reason.


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