Jeebus, by 9:24 a.m. I already 1. needed a nap, 2. wanted to crawl under my desk and weep and 3. tried to quit, but no one would listen to me. (“Oh fred, stop being such a drama queen. Go drink some coffee.”)
Fuck me, I’m tired.
I shouldn’t be whining, I slept all weekend (well, I got up at appropriate intervals to feed Bunny).
Got exactly squat done, read a bit… but slept for the most part. (Last week might have kicked my arse a bit.)
I had to be pried out of bed for dinner Saturday night, then I came home, ripped a few more cd’s in the ongoing “Project 192” and then went back to bed.
Slept in Sunday as well, made it over to Mikey’s and sat on the couch like a lump wistfully thinking of sleep then came home and went to bed (after stealing part of Tex’s grilled cheese sammich…)
I’m surprised I managed to make it up this morning.


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