Too many iPods

You know how I have this problem with bags?
Well, Tex has this problem with iPods.

I actually don’t mind it, but I can’t always keep up with exercising all the iPods regularly and coming up with cute Harry Potter names for them (and being consistent with the naming convention) is time consuming.

Here’s the naming guidelines:
– all current and future red iPods are named after Weasleys
– iPhones are named after communication devices
– very large capacity iPods are named after giants
– if you can incorporate the name of the iPod into a character do so
– pink iPods are played on the word “pink”…he likes pink (though this is deviating from convention, I can’t think of pink things in the HP world I just realized the one pink thing I can think of in the HP world and I don’t want to have him naming his iPods after Dolores Jane Umbridge).
– if there is an obvious name, even if it isn’t HP related… do it.

~4 years of iPod consumption:
his 20g (the one that started it all, and it is old and decrepit) : Errol
my 60g photo: MadameMaxime (she’s bigger than Hagrid)
his 60g photo: Grawpie (he’s bigger than Hagrid)
my baby blue Mini : MINInervaMcGonagall
his pink Mini : Ponk
my orange shuffle : Bevo (for UT’s mascot)
his hot pink shuffle : I have no idea what he named it. I should come up with something…
my 1st gen black Nano : MrsNANOrris
his 2nd Gen hot pink Nano : Pinkle
his 3rd gen red Nano : Ginny Weasley
his 30g video : Pigwidgeon (going on the owl theme… dunno why.)
formerly his iPod touch 32g (I snagged it when he got an iPhone) : Hagrid
his white iPhone 3g : Hedwig

To be fair, we don’t schlep all of them around anymore; some of the older ones got retired from portable use when their batteries pooped out and now they live plugged in and as pseudo alarm clocks connected to battery-less speakers or just little music systems in JBL micros. We use them until they are unsalvageable (either by warranty or home surgery).
The 20 acts as a portable drive and it sometimes gets loaned out to folks.
Shuffles are great for pod casts and housecleaning.
I have my 1st gen Nano that I adore beyond measure (easily charged with Solio, has the best accessories) and I have with me at all times. Great for trail walking. I had heart failure when the first one I had died, but Applecare saved the day.
My 60 v2 (also replaced under warranty, this was my first iPod and named Podlet originally…) has all my music on it as well as most of my Audible library (6 years worth of books). Its generally with me at work and on road trips for when I crave hearing some weird B-side from 1995. However, I’m re-ripping all my CD’s at 192, so we’ll see if they all fit again…might have to rethink all the Audible space.
His iPhone is never far from his side and the iPod Touch is good for being away from the computer and on planes… REALLY good battery life for videos and misc surfing.
I talked him out of a new nano when it was announced… I think I got away with that because he couldn’t decide which color and not all the stores had them in stock. Plus, its merc rx and we have a ban on purchasing electronics until after the 15th for him… NOV 1 for me (that’s when my astro weirdness calms down).

Yes, I do own Apple stock.
Why do you ask? ;)


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