TMI and nonesuch

I’m going to just change the phrase from PMS to DMS (During instead of Pre).
Lately I don’t get crabby before-hand (oh well, who can tell the difference with me? I’m a crabby cave troll of the highest order on my best days.) I now get maudlin and listen to too much Enya and then moon over fictional characters a day or so into that dark time of the month.
Its sooooo attractive.
I really should lock myself in my house alone with my cat and my iPod on those days.

Leo 10/01/04:
You may feel rather internalized today as your thoughts pull you deep into your own shadows. Exploring these inner realms can be quite healthy, but others might try to cajole you back into the sunshine. Living up to someone else’s expectations now isn’t what’s most important. Don’t walk on the sunny side of the street unless you’ve finished learning what you can from dancing in the dark.

In other news, there were people in the lunch area at work talking in rapid-fire spanish (I’m not fluent enough to catch anything) but every once in a while, I heard “chicken breasts” in english which then startled me into paying attention to them again..
Reminds me of Stephen Wright and his bit about “I just got back from the hospital. I was in a speed reading accident. I hit a bookmark, flew across the room.”

And in the “keep dreaming, kid” department…
I wish Bunny was a travel cat.
We could go do the AT in Virginia and she could ride on my backpack.


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