stupid merc rx

I know, I say this a lot.
Mama asked if merc was rx all the time…seems like it.
So the weekend was kinda bad (SAT I was in my closet cleaning out. SUN was saying goodbye to Shadow (and I won’t go into details, but I could have skipped that whole day and not have been any worse off.)) And yesterday was a clusterfrak of humongo proportions at work.
Wasn’t my fault, but I was involved in cleanup crew late into the night.


Anyhoo, I’ve had issues with one of my kitchen counters being a little too crowded for a while. No shelves on the wall (and I do have things hanging there-you probably couldn’t put shelves up anyway. 100 year old plaster walls are crumbly.) so I had to find something minimal to allow me to keep my ceramic soup bowl mama handed off to me (which I am in love with) that I keep my coffee filters in and the other caffeinating detritus I need out… as well as kettle… and a scale (for backpacking purposes-ok, so I’m not going anywhere for a while, this isn’t strictly necessary to keep out, but I kinda dig it.)

Kitchen shelf
I was thinking of one of those shoe shelves from Target, but they didn’t have any there…
Then I found the *last* bamboo folding shelf (allegedly they stack, but as there is only one, there is no stacking to be done) at BB&B and snapped it up.
It fits perfectly over the coffee filter bowl (lower right) and 3 of the 4 Ikea bowls that I got, and am madly in love with, fit under the counter for all the baking I seem to be doing (chicken pot pie, mini cassoulet, pies if I get around to it)… they are the perfect size and you can bake in them. I even broke down and got a few small ones to assuage the manic-ness I felt over never finding the perfect bowl from Cordon Bleu back at Thanksgiving…

And another thing… I know the photo quality is crap, but all I ever seem to do it take a picture with my Treo 650 and send it to Flickr. I can’t seem to get myself together enough to get out my other camera and move the pics over to the computer and up to Flickr.
Ah well, become one with the yellowed world of the Treo camera.

Also, please note the Cafe Du Monde coffee can… didn’t snag this on in NOLa, but I am reading a series of books based mostly there (Pre-Kat) and the cafe and beignets keep being mentioned so I had to break out a can.
They keep talking about the ACME oyster house, too.
Its a kind of torture.


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