This week…

So, mom bribed me with shoes to get a lot of stuff done for her (it worked) and she said go take care of it.
So I did.
I shopped, she paid and magically, orange keen’s arrive on my doorstep.
I like it.
…and they are NIFTY! Thanks mama!
(and I think I got the LAST pair in my size and on sale even… such timing.)

Bunny did a behavior one morning (at 6 am-when i am not at my most alert) that reminded me of when she was going into the bad time last May.
Of course I freaked out and called the vet and got her in the next moment I could.
Then as I stopped hyperventilating (don’t drive on a bridge when you are seriously wigging out) and started looking at the facts (she probably hadn’t gotten ALL of her aluminum hydroxide as she isn’t obsessively scarfing all of her food. She’s not NOT eating or anything, but she’s at her mostly normal weight and eating habits of maintaining weight are vastly different from gaining weight eating habits) and it was morning and I normally have no idea what she does in the mornings…. this could be normal for all I know. In fact, she could be the one ordering all that stuff from REI in the mornings when I am comatose… no, wait, that was me the other night.
That morning I hydrated the bejeezus out of her (and it kinda leaked out, so probably didn’t do much good) to prevent any sort of dehydration issue that she might have while I was gone for the day. Normally I do it at night, so she was looking at me the whole time like “WTF?”.
Anyhoo, so I took her into the vet, as I didn’t want to reason my way out of possible behavior on her part (still don’t trust myself anymore) that might signal bad things.
Cause, people, this is it… this is the all the rest of the time I have with her and I have no idea how long that is going to be. You bet I’m going to fight tooth and nail to keep her from losing any ground.
17 1/2 years with a cat and you get attached…plus she doesn’t act like she wants to go. So, fine, stay.
The vet laughed when I told him my story and my theories, said she looked good, turned her around to face me (“Hey Bunny your mama can be the bad guy”) then poked a thermometer in her butt. All was normal, she lost 2 oz, but he wasn’t concerned by 2 oz and was pleased that I got her all onto 100% renal food finally (she wasn’t doing perfectly on just the one kind…so we mix and match stinky stuff that makes her fur smell rancid when she grooms with stuff the consistency of snot, which has kind of offset the stinky fur issue) and she doesn’t degrade into weird poo.
He told *me* to stop getting up at 6 am (you try it when she’s biting your hand to get your arse out of bed to feed her… apparently you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds, but biting one that hasn’t fed you yet seems like fair game.) and told me he’d see us in 4 months (hah, I’ll show him… I’ll see him in 4 months from the last consultation – 3 months from now.) Then we mocked morning people for a while and he said go home. So I did.
He wouldn’t give me x@n@x though… I probably could use it.
$52 panic attack.
Fine with me.

This week was also “week of flu-type thing” where I have no idea what it was, but I got in bed every night after doing Bunny maintenance, slept until it was time for doing different Bunny maintenance or going to work and did nothing else.
Total crap.
I feel better today and have managed to get a sheet on the bed (don’t laugh, its been awful lately) and 2 whole loads of laundry done.

Damn, its good its a weekend, though a friend’s dog is going through renal failure as well (he’s a 5 year old, so its confusing WHY) and he hasn’t eaten for a while, the vet is running out of options, so it might be his last weekend….so I’m not especially looking forward to after this weekend.

Mom is packing up her house to move and I don’t especially like that either.
Apparently I am a mama’s girl.
I don’t want to talk about it.


One thought on “This week…

  1. of course, you are. i did that on purpose, ’cause i still want you to sit in my lap. you’ll/i’ll never outgrow that. heh mly

    ps thanks for such a great lunch. and i think that was your bike tool kit.

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