Coming up close…

..everything sounds like “Welcome home”.

Uneventful weekend (not for those folks in the Houston area, but I don’t live there right now).
Friday night I refreshed the browser on Ike every 10 minutes, shopped for shoes in another tab (didn’t buy anything, but I got my eye on these. ORANGE!!!) and chatted with mom in yet another tab.

The rest of the weekend was pre-press work. Not much design, but I was
just a bit of a relief to do some detail work and not have to go through the endless negotiations and back and forth that some designs require. I love designing, but it can be very tiring… and I might just have a bit more ego than necessary. (I’m not a bad designer, but I also don’t think that I am the most amazing designer either – let’s just say I’m realistic about not quitting my day job as I get profoundly irritated when people want me to be happy about them wanting fugly design…why did they hire me anyway? They could go get M$ Front Page and churn out ca. 1995 web design shite themselves. Or jeebus, go to fekkin’ Kinko’s and let them make you a crap logo for $40. Gah. I refuse.) There were naps, Bunny fluids, LOTS of cat food, good news about a friend’s sick cat, Pandora and some reading in between work, but wasn’t a bad weekend.

Also, Bunny loves her new prescription food.. good. I’m very glad.
What I don’t love about it is the fact that it has the consistency of SNOT and smells horrid… like, totally, whatever, I don’t have to eat it. She’s doing well and even looks just a bit fat :)

I did manage to get out of the house Sunday night – I ran out of soap (and found while I was there that Target is bringing back those hoodie sweaters again that I fell madly in love with last winter-hooray!). I perused the winter wear that is showing up and then wondered what I should put on my head at Weetacon this time (2007:bunny ears, 2008: foxy loxy hat, 2009:? – I wouldn’t mind having a Toy Story Alien antenna on a green knitted hat, but I am not that advanced.)

Stayed up too late reading and consequently my sleep time is out of whack, but that is par for the course every weekend.
I hate morning people.

I may take one night this week to un-bury the couch and watch several episodes of Burn Notice in a row… great show… getting better as well (fancy that.) Lately I haven’t wanted to watch anything… movies get about 5% of my brain as I am doing other things, even poor, snarky-licious Tony Bourdain languishes in my iPod playlist (I splurged and bought a subscription to No Reservations this season but have watched one or two… under duress. They were great, of course, but I just don’t WANT to watch anything lately.) Books are another matter. I’ve bought several series on the eBook store and am devouring them at an alarming rate.. and my sleep is totally suffering, but whatever.

The weathern is cold again, strictly comme il faut, and I like it. I’m ready for that again.
Fog in the mornings, warm during the day, cold in the evenings.



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