Seven Years

They say you grow a whole new set of cells in 7 years, so in effect, you are a different person.

I wonder if this nation has changed in a similar manner?
I won’t go into that as I’m probably too cynical to be talking about the human race right now.

In any event, I didn’t lose anyone in the attack.
I worried like hell about my people in Manhattan, but all came through it.
At the time I was in a bad place (laid off from my job and working at Starbucks, at the beginning of a marriage where I was used for my paycheck for 4 years while he sat in front of the computer or the television at home, starting an ulcer, etc.)

I know at the cellular level I am a different person and perhaps we are all now as well. Less naive I hope at least.

Seven years is a long time, but I notice that all that pain is still very easily accessed and still crystal clear.


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