My Publishing History

1991-1994: The Fredlet Newsletter
Inspired name, non?
Published quarterly(ish) or whenever I could afford to print it at Kinko’s and mail it to the 10 people who got it whether they asked for it or not.
Laid out in Quark XPress on a Mac LC.
Notable guest contributors: Bugboy and Douglas

In the days before was a satellite radio company and just an ISP in the Bay Area.
Published from a Mac 8100 or a WIN franken-computer with a purple spray painted cover. This was when I was learning HTML from viewing source on the webpages and hacking at it in BBEdit…also was an experimental time with Macromedia working with Shockwave in the various products. Freehand even had a plugin where you could create an image map with links or a vector file that you could zoom in super close.
I don’t think the wayback machine goes that far back on my site. I did convert over to putting my newsletter onto the web and I probably still only had 10 people reading it.

Usher in the Dreaamweaver era.
I joined the Dreamweaver team as a QA person and helped to release it that year. My personal site served as guine pig and testing grounds for the new functionality and Round Trip HTML that we worked on in the app.
Published on my Mac Powerbook G3 Bronze (still have it, actually) with whatever flavor or Dreamweaver dev build was sort of stable. I was effectively the Mac chick on the team badgering the dev folks when something didn’t behave in a Mac-ly sort of manner. (yes, I was a giant pain in the ass then but I made them food to bribe them into doing the fix.)
This was also the heyday of me as the Pilot Chick obsessing over my Palm Pilot and the associated cases, writing articles and generally having a personal site that took up about 10 hours a day (no kidding) however I managed to treat it as part of my day job for a very long time and was insanely happy.

2004 began the era of mobile blogging for me. I wanted email-to-post functionality (for free and so I wouldn’t have to configure my own paid site-paying for hosting is so 1998) and I wanted something a little less manual than the format I had going at my HTML site. I had archives that I maintained (still have, just not on the web currently) one page for each year and that took a bit of time to maintain. It was, in the words of one my high school alumni, “cavernous”.
Published via my Handspring, and later my Treo, input from my keyboard out on the road.
I let this particular sub domain go and now it is occupied by a tiny little Fred in England. :)

I think it was the fact that I was maintaining about 5 blogs that made me want tags and categories so I could put them all into one and just use a filter to show the like posts…and Eden moved over there (so clearly it wasn’t shite) and I sort of blindly do what Eden does for some reason. (I think shortly after I made the change, blogger came out with those features. ah well.)
I was able to import the blogger archives into WordPress, so a great deal of my old content came over. I never did convert my old HTML to blog format… I don’t have that much free time in a year.

What’s next?
I am fairly compelled to write this stuff. Always have been. So, in one form or another, I will publish, push, blog, journal or [insert new trendy term here] my inanities and foibles to the world. 12 years of electronic blathering and a previous 5 before that for the print version; so 17 years of talk. Yeah, chances are I’ll keep doing this even though the press has decided that blogging is a phase.


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