When you say followup appointment, it implies that it is a related appointment.
(ok, my mercury in Virgo is rearing its ugly, petty little head – bear with me).

The last doctor’s appointment I had was for my foot being all broke like… so when the hospital called and said we need followup blood work for you, I was totally like all WTF dude?
Blood work has exactly jack shit to do with my messed up foot, thankyouverymuch.

And then they backtracked saying “Oh yes, its your routine yearly bloodwork…” except that I haven’t ever had them ask me in for this before. So really, its the baseline blood work.

I know what they are doing though… I get wiggy in the waiting room at the hospital, and I had sat there for an hour and a half waiting to see the doctor I had an appointment with (I’m not complaining about that, this was basically the non-emergency emergency room so shit happens, its cool ese) but I was loaded up on painkillers so I could walk and I probably hadn’t drank any water that day… all a formula for a higher blood pressure than normal for me. (not to mention the poundage I have put on since last summer for various and sundry reasons-none of which are defensible).
I also had a slight fever too… 99.4 which is 1.8 degrees higher than I normally am. No clue why either.
Stress? Me? Never.

So, I’m not ignoring this, but I do need to get my blood presure taken somewhere non-medical for a more realistic reading… I’ll probably go to Mikey’s and do it there (maybe a sugar level test since he has diabetes supplies). I’m sure it is way higher than it needs to be anyway so I’m casting a gimlet eye on sodium intake that may have crept up on me without paying attention (I don’t salt foods, but I might have inadvertantly added a food that has high sodium without realizing it. I do get on eating kicks.), I’ll drink water (hate it. maybe I’ll use this as an excuse to get reverse osmosis kit for the apartment since the water around here is serious shite and the filtered stuff at work just doesn’t cut it either. I am morally against bottled water as well.) and this will be the kick in the pants to lose more weight.
I have lost some but I need to get on my exercise kick again (and as soon as I can walk I’ll treadmill – but for now, situps and pushups will have to do.).

…and yes, I know that I am, in fact, a giant pain in the ass.


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