Behold the beast!

Not really.
Just my foot.

(toes don’t look too bad despite me breaking all of them in field hockey, huh?)

Rocking cool doctor.
He came in, didn’t manhandle my foot, just touched around to find the tender area, asked a lot of questions (I answered all without leading, well I tried.) and he asked why I didn’t come in earlier, I told him it wasn’t as bad as breaking my toes, didn’t hurt unless I did stupid things (like roll my foot or turn weirdly) but that is wasn’t lessening and wasn’t in my ankle at all; mostly fifth metatarsal.
He said (and this is what other people say too) “Oh do you have a medical background?”
“No, I read a lot and I watch too much House.”
That got a laugh.
He asked if I had a theory (Heh…do I have a theory.) I told him about the avulsion break, he agreed and sent me off to xray.

Jeebus, those boys in xray like to move you on through chop chop.
I was in an out of there in less than 10 minutes (and half of that time was my gimping along behind the tech getting to the room) and had 3 plates on their way.

I was told to hobble back to the desk where I had been before so I dutifully stood in line again. The guy who had taken me to the exam room before took pity on me and waived me through. I said “wow, I didn’t expect to get back here so soon.”
“Yeah, the guys in xray like to relax.”

Doc showed back up with my nifty little print out, told me no chips or overt fracture lines and that he was more wondering if it was the medial cuneiform bone either slightly fractured or a sprain of the ligaments.

The guy fitting me for a brace wasn’t amused that my backpacker calves (half the length of other legs but with all the muscle) didn’t fit in his brace.
Mostly what I am doing is wearing the little sock thing they gave me. It gives just a bit more support in my shoes that I have tricked out to be neutral on my foot.
Its nice.

I have a followup appointment in podiatry the 25th if it still hurts.
We shall see.


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