Weekend Recap

Party was good, food was good, people were good, Bunny is good, foot is NOT good.

I’ll start at the beginning.

I took THU and FRI off because working on your birthday sucks, so I didn’t.
I spent a good deal of FRI cleaning because people were going to see my house and I hadn’t had a chance to lug all the excess crap I had planned to move to the garage out yet. Then when the tubbies were out of the way, the inevitable vacuuming, mopping and general freak-outedness took place. Not to mention the pre-cooking and planning for the perfect buffet look.
I had planned to have people wander in and out of the kitchen buffet-style and hang out on the veranda (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) and enjoy the weather so the lack of seating inside wasn’t such a big deal. The living room was fairly presentable (and I think at this point people have just given up thinking that I am not a slob…though I make the point that I am trailer trash and not white trash… trailer trash can have clean trailers (albeit clutter-y))
SAT morning, I got up and enlisted Tex into helping me as I have mop-water issues. I had to make the last run to the grocery store and just as I was walking around my car to get in, I stepped funny into a pothole in the street and turned my left ankle/foot pretty badly. Tex brought me down a cold pack while I sat there for a few. It didn’t swell or hurt continually, but I did hear a distinct “pop” when I did it. I wasn’t as concerned with a pop as I would be with a snap such as I have heard from my foot before. So, I went to the store and walked around fairly successfully and it didn’t hurt when I didn’t turn or torque it at all.
Its still tender but not swollen after 3 days, so I don’t know if I broke something weird or if I just pulled/strained something. I’ll go get it x-rayed if it still hurts on THU.
Mom came over early to get some other things done and then she saved my life by peeling the boiled eggs and generally being devil-y, mixing and being a fabulous sous-chef. Mama taught me a lot of what I know about cooking, so, aside from my twists I put on food, we work pretty well in the kitchen together…even in my tiny little kitchen.
But I made it through the party and everyone had a good time and everyone was in a suitable coma and sporting a massive sugar buzz after I sent them home with leftovers.
Menu was:

deviled eggs
macaroni salad (noodles, chicken, cranberries, poppy seed dressing)
West Virginia style potato salad
cupcakes (yellow, chocolate, brownie)
spinach and Parmesan quiche
chips and Rotel tomato dip
veggies and dip
cheeses and grapes

Timmy said that he hasn’t seen such a spread without a corpse in the living room for years.
High praise indeed :)

I cleaned up after and only ran out of steam about midnight and left a few dishes soaking. Pretty good for a party when I don’t have a dishwasher. (and I didn’t use disposable plates… )

SUN I woke up thinking “I need a nap” which pretty much set the tone for the day.
I did some computer work, but my brain wasn’t on. I had monster bags under my eyes and my sore muscles (from carrying heavy fucking shit down the stairs to the garage) pretty much kicked my butt. So I went to bed early with 4 Tylenol and hung out with the Bunnycat.
Bunny hiding out from the party

Speaking of the Bunnycat, she was surprisingly social. She’s the original scared-y cat but came out when a smaller crowd were being comatose in the living room after it got too cool to be outside. She didn’t totally bolt when I held her for Lee to (carefully) pet her, and of course, she came to see Mama… we think she likes her so well because Mama and I sound alike. Really allike.
Plus, I let her bribe Bunny with fresh chicken, and my cat, she can be bought.

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