Behold the beast!

Behold the beast!, originally uploaded by fredlet.

It used to be that no one out here knew what the heck red velvet cake was…

then I saw *this*.

My great-grandmother would turn in her grave.. but I think my grandmother would like it because she said it was a total pain in the ass to make (I’m paraphrasing).

Please also note that red velvet cake freaks out Alton Brown something fierce.

That is all.


6 thoughts on “Behold the beast!

  1. actually, it was the icing that was so “painful” for her. And it is kinda tricky to make it the way she said to. “But good” heh

  2. It makes you poop bright red. Just FYI. Everyone in teh house freaked the fuck out. I threw out the remaining cake and vowed never to buy a box of this again.

    Taste was just okay.

  3. LOL… frankly, I don’t think red velvet cakes taste much of anything… slightly of cocoa and the frosting is basically cream cheese frosting.

    But its been so long since I’ve had homemade that I don’t think that the red poo is an issue… at least, I don’t recall it ever being one. :)

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