Friday off..

I took today off since Tex took today off…ostensibly to get him an iPhone and me to have a day off, but when we called to see if they had any in stock, they said yes, but that there was a 3-4 hour wait just to get into the store.
So, yuck.
Ikea was on the list as I needed to get a replacement part for a shelf of the Stolmen project that I got weeks ago and haven’t finished putting up… but as the Apple Store was close, we decided to do a quick drive by just to see what it looked like. The line was from the Apple Store door (the one in Emeryville-you can google it if you want.) which is in the middle of the block, all the way to the end of the block. Bah.
However, what is not blatantly obvious is that there is an AT&T store just across the way in the shopping center. So we popped in, and while they didn’t have any in stock, Tex did get a card from “Eddie” (who we immediately renamed “Fast Eddie”) saying that he would have about a hundred tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow it is.
Had lunch at Ikea and got another shelf, looked at lamp (the one I decided I wanted was out of stock-it says it is in stock on the site, but I couldn’t find it.), drooled over bowls that would have been just about perfect for that Thanksgiving insanity I went through… and were out of stock (though that might be a good thing as I don’t need any more bowls, and seriously, I have nowhere to put them. Truth be told, the perfect size isn’t made there anyway.) and bought another lucky bamboo.
I’ve been getting rid of stuff in the kitchen; I’m going through all the copper stuff mom sent over to me – some decorative, some usable – since I live in my KitchenAid pans so that I can put everything on my pan rack instead of leaving them on the stove or in the oven.
I still haven’t decided what to do with the metal oven stuff I have now that I am switching to the highly squishable silicone pans.
Also, in the “triumphant at the hunt” category, Bed Bath and Beyond delivered my squishy colander! I got it just after I had finished cleaning the veggies for a roast cornish game hen that we are having for dinner (these organic veggies from Spud are fekkin’ fantastic!) so I haven’t used it yet. But, I remembered to get a cheap bottle of white wine from Trader Joe’s so it will be a pretty good chicken I’m thinking, English.
Fry’s is on the list for this weekend as well (AAA rechargeable batteries for my book light and various LED flashlights), we got the Target shopping out of the way today (housewarming presents, baby shower presents, Snapware that I couldn’t resist, vitamins… and I splurged and got a pint of Cherry Garcia. I don’t like ice cream all that much, but I suddenly wanted it.) and the rest of the weekend will generally be spending a lot of time with Bunny and cleaning out more stuff.
I’m still looking at things with a gimlet eye… or actually the eyes of someone else. Have you done that? Stepped back and looked at your house with the idea that you haven’t been there before and see the mess, the clutter and the dust-bunnies the size of jackalopes and not the things that should be noticed? I do every once in a while and it bugs the crap out of me. It helps with the cleaning impetus as well.
Speaking of… I have two things for sale that I will be posting in the next day or so. I’d rather not have to mess with eBay so we’ll see how this works. I’ll post them with pics, weight them on my kitchen scale and say a cheap price. First one in comments who wants them will be the winning buyer. Paypal will be good and I will ship UPS or USPS and send you a total.
Sound good?

I like 3 day weekends. I should take them more often. I have enough vacation and for the foreseeable future I won’t be traveling… this could be good.


One thought on “Friday off..

  1. we drove by the Los Gatos Apple store about 3:30 today and were surprised to see the line, then we remembered what was happening. The line was not very long, though, perhaps 15 people outside the store. It would have been a pleasant wait if the air quality was sooooo very poor. You can hardly see the east hills, even the hills toward Santa Cruz were pretty hazy. Like a Jerry Shur print.

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