Weekend Update

Friday was half great and half suck.
Saturday was suck.
Sunday was great.

All clear?
Yeah, I know; don’t take it out on you.

I won’t go into details on Friday and Saturday, but they just served to remind me that I don’t like humans much and it disappoints me to have the reasons behind that decision so clearly delineated.

Actually Friday night, I decided to use my irritated energy to move the bedroom around. Moving my bed was a total pain in the arse but I vacuumed, found several shoes, rearranged things that had been buried, built up the Goodwill pile and other overdue cleaning tasks. It added a nice bit of space, but I still have to put up the one post and shelf I got for Stolmen (I’m holding off on doing the full set of changes I wanted due to recent events) so I’ll just start with the basics.
The closet is still scary, but I will get to that this weekend once I have the additional shelf put up (and yes, I’ll do pics, though they won’t be that interesting.)
I told mom that the house was a construction zone and to bring her hardhat. (She mentioned later that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it might be… it actually was that bad up until Sunday morning when I did some drastic “put all the crap into Rubbermaid tubs” to sort later. I’m betting I can toss 90% of what’s in those tubs anyway. We’ll see how pissy I am; its always easy to get rid of stuff when I am cranky as hell.)

Bunny is fine, happy to see Mom who came over Sunday for miscellaneous hanging out and eating activities. Tex was amazed at Bunny walking out to greet Mom at the door (Mom is one of the 3 humans she likes on the planet) and then letting Mom pet her.
I made Eggs Benedict for breakfast (added garlic sautéed spinach) and then after we cleared out the mess I made I put a cornish game hen to roast (just had one left) in for a later snack (and treat for Bunny, she LOVES cornish game hen).
It was all very yummy.
Mom even said that I lost weight (I have no idea how that could have happened, but I’ll take the compliment anyway.)

Weekend ended much better than it started, though we’ll see if I have to do drastic reaction to peoples’ bad behavior tomorrow. I’m in the mood for breaking off relationships if anyone pushes me now and I’m kind of spoiling for a fight.
I fight nasty and I’m not afraid to use it right now.
I’m tired of being fucked with…

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. When I’m cleaning things out, I find that a pissy mood really helps. No mercy. “You’re gone. You, too. AND you.” Going through stuff like that takes a bit of a hardened heart, and a jaundiced eye.

    Hope things improve for you on the human front!


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