Just got the call from the vet, Bunny is really doing well.

No drops in blood count or renal capability numbers and the aluminum hydroxide is making a huge difference. He said do exactly what you are doing and he’ll see her in 2-3 months!

Goddess… such a relief. I’m always afraid to hope and I just stay absurdly happy each day I have her feeling well.
Total fucking gift.

And I just went and hugged the Bunnycat and kissed her little Bunny head and she looked all irritated.
That’s my girl (but she can’t fool me, when I am in bed, she’s in her bed and I lean over and kiss her little Bunny head, she purrs…)


3 thoughts on “Some SERIOUSLY GOOD news

  1. I’m glad Kitty Cat (reference to the late great George Carlin’s take on Kitty Cats) is doing well. We loves us our Kitty Cat, too. (His name is Sheeba.)

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