Multe cose a dire

I got my Spud shipment today (conveniently located in the “spud spot” I have on my front porch.)
In my aforementioned shipments, I got some very pretty portobella mushrooms (which I dutifully checked to see if I needed to refrigerate…) Upon checking for refrigeration instructions, my eyes fell upon “Garder au froid” (keep refrigerated) after which I spoke stupid French to the cat for about 20 minutes…
Still kind of lapsing into French here and there. Though you wouldn’t know it from the title of this post… that is Italian.
Yes, I am annoying, let’s move along, shall we?

I’m kind of peeved at Edward Cullen, but in re-reading the last book, I don’t think I’ll kick his arse so hard as he figured out himself that he was being a twit.
We’ll see how I get past that last little bit when my head isn’t so wonky. I have had several days of Jeff Buckley on repeat and that never bodes well for rationality.

I’m off to make fettuccine alfredo tonight, possibly with some of the organic asparagus that makes me swoon a lot and think of Tom Robbins.
I don’t think I’ll rearrange my room (I’ll blog that later) tonight, because I will be tired after kitchening.

I’m all over the place, but somewhat ok. Don’t call the looney bin.
Maybe the loopy bin.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Tim Finn.


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