OK, back from the vet, Bunny forgave me pretty quickly for that (even if a little dog in the waiting area wanted to play with her and the vet took blood). Vet seemed pleased with her progress and said he’d have the blood work back Monday or so.
He asked me specifically how *I* thought she was doing. She’s eating (3 pack a day habit+), no nausea, not drinking floods of water, taking her fluids (last night was super easy, but the day had been hot and the fluids were probably body temp. Not to mention she hadn’t had full fluids the night before and I think she was in the 1/4 tank vicinity instead of full tank-so there was room for the fluids to go. I know that it can’t be comfy with a balloon of Ringer’s between your shoulders or sliding down under skin on your leg.)
She’s active in the morning (at one point thought fluids in the morning would be a better option…and it might be but I can’t catch her in the mornings. She’s too full of energy (or piss and vinegar, one of the two.)) and trots around the house as sweet as you please.
She gained another .2 pounds since the last visit, and best yet, he’s not pushing for the blood hormone until its totally obvious she isn’t feeling well (sluggish, mopey etc.). There’s a finite period that cats systems tolerate before they build up an immunity and then after that, even self produced stuff is compromised. Later is better.

In other news ITS FEKKIN’ HOT. (90 degrees on the sign on the freeway)
It was 100 degrees when I was driving home yesterday evening at 7pm and I turned on the a/c despite my efforts to hypermile. I also used it today while bunny was with me in the car, so I’m not certain my gains were consistent, but I am at just above a half a tank and already at 180 miles on the trip odometer. I drive 50 mph everywhere and its irritating to the other folks, but I don’t care.
Lost my commute buddy last week and there are no more work at home days, so I’m well fucked anyway.
Other folks can just suck it up and pass me.

Now, I am going to read for a while and let the heat of the day pass, then work and then rearrange the pants in my closet (though it gets really hot, I may do that in little bits.)


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