“I am not the only fat person in the world. Surely I will not be the only fat person in attendance at the wedding. (I hope. Always, I look for people Fatter Than Me. In that manner I am an Asshole Supreme.) Still, I cannot shake my shame. It is deep-rooted and has grown in me ever since I was five and my father called me “Jenny Jelly Belly”.

My father makes fun of fat people with aplomb. In fact I don’t know who he loves more, fat people or Barack Obama for filling his life with sick mirth. Suddenly, though, he has stopped making these stupid jokes around me. I know that this is in deference to my girth and it shames me even further. He pays for me to go to hypnosis sessions and then cringes when I eat anything other than salads. It’s gotten to the point in which my stomach actually hurts when I see him. My mother tells me to eat small meals and then bakes cupcakes. My mother is a size four. She speaks about fat people in a low voice, as if they have cancer.” [TranceJen]


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