I really needed this weekend.

No drama.
I was extracted from the house and was forced to deal with humans (nice ones and the weather was good…so good experience).
No design work to slave 12 hours a day to (I like designing, but rush jobs get tiring ‘specially when they drag on for weeks.).
Regular sleep.
Cooking that turned out well.

We went to Tex’s company picnic and I had every intention of doing the cassoulet Saturday night. We stopped by Lunardi’s to get some stuff and to see if they had duck legs (score!). I already had an onion, great northern beans, a can of tomatoes, panko breadcrumbs and some other stuff from Whole Foods. Tex brought home pork chops and bacon from his little market around the corner from his house (we try to give them business when possible).
So I was set.
Then after we got back to my place, Tex passed out on the couch. Then woke up a couple of hours later. Then I went in to read for a bit (around 9pm) and then do Bunny’s fluids (our nightly ordeal. she hates it; and I kinda do, too.) but I conked out.
I woke up at 3 am with Bunny standing on me asking for food and I pondered trying to give her the fluids alone (I used to be able to, now she bolts and I need Tex to help me hold her and soothe her so she doesn’t squirm and hurt herself.) but after feeding her, I decided that I would do it in the morning. She looked fine and was still perky. (she was fine, but I don’t plan to make a practice of missing her night time appointment with Mr. Pointy.)
So I went back to sleep and woke up at 8:15 and then got up at 9. Nice round 12 hours sleep.
Funny how sunshine can kick your arse that way.
We went to Target and had a Starbuck’s as a treat (its been months since I’ve had one-I’ve been good) then got some stocking up done on canned goods (I’m hoarding a bit I suppose, but compared to people who regularly go to Costco and load up once a month, I’m on the “Empty” part of the scale for a larder.) got a holder for Bunny’s food pouches and other household thingies then escaped before the churches let out.
Tidied and organized more (mercury is retrograde til the 19th, its cleaning an organizing season folks) then started in on the cassoulet.

Cassoulet, originally uploaded by fredlet.

I was following this recipe to an extent to adhere to my tastes.
In short, I am pleased with the result (and Bunny was pleased with several drops of the juices from the braising-kept begging me with those little beseeching eyes for more…) but I should have sauteed the onions and stuff in garlic butter as I am generally inclined to do.
The duck fell off the bone after the second hour in the oven, the beans sucked up a load of juices and the bacon and Aidell’s chicken apple sausage was a good addition to it all.
Oh, another things I’ll do it do the bacon separately (and do more of it) because bacon grease makes me young again.
The best thing about this is that cassoulet gets better as leftovers.
Goddess help us all.


2 thoughts on “I really needed this weekend.

  1. Delurking as requested! ;)

    This sounds delicious. Sometimes I like to get ambitious and make something that SOUNDS like it would be hard to make…but it isn’t. This sounds like that kind of recipe.

    Have you ever made a Braciole? A beef roulade stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, bread crumbs, and pine nuts, cooked in a tomato sauce.

    I’m making myself hungry.

    Take care,

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