I promise not to say aluminum hydroxide for a while.

you’re welcome.

The Daily Embedded Bun

This was in the car when we were chilling out after Bunny’s follow up vet visit. She was digging the birds flying around.

In other news, I saw a FUCKING MOUSE run across my kitchen floor.
I wasn’t startled that there was a mouse, but those little guys should been imagined and NOT seen.
Actually, we had one mouse meet its maker (no, not its mousie mama) on the kitchen floor and Tex went into to find it covered with a swarm of ants.
I’m glad I wasn’t around for that one.
But I have been blocking off the kitchen since Bunny got back because I saw her peering intently at the base of the kitchen cabinets and figured there was a mouse in residence. I didn’t want her getting near any mouse parts if they were poisoning the little guys in the main part of the building.

Anyhoo, yuck.
I’ll vacuum the beejeezus out of the kitchen this week and see if that makes me feel better since I know I can’t do anything else. I don’t want to have to clean up mouse turds again. All I ever do is think “HANTA VIRUS! HANTA VIRUS! HANTA VIRUS!” as I am wiping them up with bleach wipes.

A brain dead Friday night.

Perhaps finishing the laundry will make me feel productive.
And maybe rerouting some power cables.

Under the “I’m such a good human” category I signed up for Spud.com in an effort to
1. not have to go to the goddamn grocery store
2. eat my veggies
3. get free shipping
4. guarantee that some of my food is coming from less than 200 miles away (I don’t know if I can reasonably manage the 100 mile radius thing)
5. I’ll compost the residual vegetable matter when I am done.

Here’s a bunch of stuff I do as well (from a draft post I never released…):

I was reading a bunch of decorating blogs, not certain why, just fell into them, and found this guy – Danny Seo. He is apparently on telly a lot and is famous and is busting his hump to go green.

I’m all about green.
Keeping it green as a matter of fact.

Read his blog, its fun and amusing and somewhat WTF? at times, but in general very cool.

But, what I really wanted to talk about was my green strategy:

1. recycle – nothing new there. In fact, California is rabid about recycling. I estimate that I throw away 1 bag of trash every 3 months, all the rest is recycling (cans bottles, paper that I can’t figure out how to use the 7th time). I’d compost in the house, but we have ants… Rabid, barking, zombie ants (and now, a mouse) so all food is in the fridge or is still canned/bottled/sealed (though this isn’t new for me, I’m from Texas, you have to do that anyway to avoid bugs); and we are serious carnivores and they disapprove of cow in the apartment complex’s compost heap.

2. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs– every single flipping lamp in my house has a CF light in it. I’ve used them for so long (even back when they were $10 a bulb!) that I couldn’t even tell you how much my electric bill has been lowered because I can’t even remember ye olden days of incandescent yore.
Tex is now obsessed with L.E.D. bulbs.

3. e-stuff – eBooks, PDF’s, (e-music sometimes, but mostly used CD’s since DRM’s are SHITE.)

4. Feline Pine – This stuff is really weird but works well. I am allergic to pine (yeah, made Christmas REAL fun, mom always wondered why I didn’t like doing the tree…) and I thought I might have a problem with this, so I avoided it for a long time. Then Tex lost it over regular litter and I found out you get regular clay litter from strip mining. arg.
Turns out, it smells more like hamster bedding (cedar) and it expands madly when liquids (in Bunny’s case both #1 and #2) hit is and it kind of swells and turns to a powder. Then you move the pellets that are still good around and remove the expanded fluffy bits. Very little smell, we use LOTS and no strip mining.

5. Offset CO2 – I have donated to offset pleasure and business trips. Also estimated mileage where I was alone in the beast and donated for that.
I hope they aren’t just yanking my chain.

6. Solar – Solio baby. I’d do more, but I’m in an apartment.

7. rechargeable batteries / battery recycling www.call2recycle.org Basically, if I can’t recharge it, it doesn’t get into my house. Those little coin batteries are the worst… also L.E.D. items that are super long lasting also get used in combination.

8. Method stuff
– Yes, this has a two-fold benefit. I am paranoid about the Bunny getting sick from cleaners now that she, ahem, is contributing significantly to the mess around the house and their stuff is biodegradable and sometimes even compostable. Plus they sell refills so you can cut down on packaging.

9. no bag vacuuming – I hate bags.

There’s more stream of consciousness here about David R. Palmer, but I’ll save that for later.


One thought on “I promise not to say aluminum hydroxide for a while.

  1. not to give you something else to worry about, i think the CF’s may have some issues, don’t think you are supposed to throw them into the landfills as they have some heavy metals in them. i assume there will be [in the future, don’t think so now] places that will take those which have burned out and safely dispose of them [like Radio Shack and standard batteries, just gave them a qt sized sized ziplock bag i had been storing until ready to toss them.

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