Bun to date

She is doing well.
-Eating every hour (even that shite some manufacturers allege is food for renal failure cats…)
-Has eaten the aluminum hydroxide to bind phosphorus in her food every 12 hours (whaddaya know, it actually is tasteless as they claim)
-Tolerates me poking her with an 18 gauge needle and turning her into a kitty water balloon (didn’t like it when i got Ringer’s Lactate all over her… oops. Sorry Bun.)
-Took her Pepcid (squashed up in cat food-definitely is NOT tasteless.)
-Even drinking up the bicarbonate of soda I mix around in her food.

In short, she seems to be moving along.
Purring and talking, sitting on me and yelling at me to feed her all night long (so I’m not getting much sleep BUT WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT ME. I don’t.) Though I did take about 3 two hour naps today in between cat maintenance. I thought it might be depression and then I counted up the number of hours sleep I have had this week and thought otherwise.
…oh and I ate, too today. Even showered. (Both were going on 3 days without; she probably was yelling about me not the food. Hmmm.)

Pictures anon.

and thanks Kramer, wlyb?


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