Bunny is at the vet’s tonight with an IV drip.
I had managed to keep her eating until Sunday afternoon where she just said no and stopped. Still drank water (not too much to indicate renal failure or diabetes, but enough.) and used the box, but I think her kidneys were trying to keep up with the excess crud in her system and she got dehydrated. I expected some renal decline, that come with age though when we had a full blood panel for her in 2006 she was fine.
Also, she hasn’t let me brush her so she looks like hell with mats from sleeping on a warming pad (which she loves) that dries out her fur…add that to the fact she doesn’t groom as much as she used to (17 remember?)
Then, I was trying the underhanded stuff to get her to eat by dotting her face with whatever stinky thing I thought she might eat.
She was herself all the way up until Sunday evening, where I resolved to get her into the vet. I managed an afternoon appointment, but she started being a little bad this morning, so I begged an earlier one…she was especially wobbly today though still drinking and going to the litter box.
So, looking like utter hell, being dehydrated, down a few pounds and covered in miscellaneous food stuff, I took her into the vet. I’m sure they think I’m abusing my cat and it nearly killed me to leave her there overnight but they were doing the really slow drip IV and the little time I was away wasn’t enough to get her more stable.
I would have taken her away if she was freaking out, but I think she was tired and it was calm enough there for her. I am rational enough for that.
I’m still losing my mind, but I’ll go visit her in the morning before work and see how well it is going.

Really still losing my mind though. I mean after 17 years, as much as I tell people to go fuck themselves when they tell me to prepare myself… its still there, and I still lose it completely if I think about it.

I need my Bunny back.


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