clench. unclench. clench encore…

So when you have a 17 year old cat, you have certain days when you just don’t know what is going to happen.
I think Bunny was not having a good stomach day, or maybe her teeth hurt, or something no idea what. But she didn’t want anything the last day and a half.
People tuna. Nope.
New TJ Cat Food can. Nope.
Steak. Nope.
So I broke out a new bag of cat food (which made her ears prick up- good sign) but then, after a few bites… Nope.
Butter? Two licks. Nope. (and her latest nickname is “Butter Cat” because if you even TOUCH the butter in the fridge, you’d better pony up some butter, baby. But…Nope.)

She was still drinking water and doing cat stretch and using the cat box, but not really interested in food and a little sluggish, but not shaky.

And over the last however long since that long dark teatime of the soul when she was shaky I have finally calmed down about coming home to an unknown Schroedinger’s Cat state and just expected her to come to the door when I walked in.
I had no idea what I was coming home to tonight.

I managed to not think about it all day (note to self:put the kitty cam back up) and just walked straight into the bedroom with the yogurt I got for her today, a spoon and bowl from the kitchen. Didn’t even set my bag down.
Her little head was looking at me when I walked in and she trilled a hello.
Then I was actually surprised but incredibly grateful that she ate two whole dollops of yogurt (purring so hard that she had to stop eating to catch up).

Anyhoo, we will ply her with rotisseried (Ronco!) chicken thighs tonight, more yogurt and possibly more yogurt.

3 thoughts on “clench. unclench. clench encore…

  1. I dont know how I found this but when I did it made me :) Thank goodness their are other owners of elderely feline friends that we could never contemplate being without and want them to live enternal life and in their finicky old age become picky about their food that sends us in a state of uncontrolable worry!!! Have you tried a small peice of finely chopped raw liver? It was reccommended to me by a vet and if given in small amounts and not too often (once a week ) is actually very good for them and even my little old granny cat of 19 cannot resist!!! Try it it really works:)

  2. Well, she’s actually supposed to be on a low protein diet now (we found it it was Feline Chronic Renal Failure) but she’s doing pretty well now. I might bust out with the liver when her blood count gets too low… we shall see.
    I’m not in love with the idea of giving her the hormone shots to stimulate the red blood cell production that her body will reject eventually.
    I think there is an alternative, but I need to talk to another vet.

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