good weekend. suck monday.

isn’t that how it usually is though?

I actually felt like I got some things accomplished this weekend… and managed to walk to the front door without horking up a lung…progress!
I’ve been thinking about that sweater I felted… I think I will put a zipper in, possibly add a knitted neck and then I might embroider it a bit with grey thread for pattern but nothing really bright.
Voila, new jacket.
I repotted the ivy and put my little houseplant sized garden gnome from Target in it. (sorry Eden.)
(House) Garden Gnome
Did some reorganizing in the kitchen with snapware (the kitchen; I am not in love with it lately with because of ants) and made breakfast twice.
I made some killer home fries (zatarain’s, onions, butter and chile powder), bacon and eggs then experimented with buckwheat pancake mix from Whole Foods the next day. They looked pretty weird (like hamburger patties) but tasted enough like pancakes that I didn’t just toss them.
Not a bad weekend.

Then Monday sucked.

Also? Fuck ants.


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