Thursday Whinging

I haven’t been this angry since that asshole I divorced showed up on my doorstep (I wouldn’t let him in) and then he proceeded to tell me that I was the one who did everything wrong in our marriage and that he was the injured party.
About that time I threatened him with a restraining order, detailed in excrutiating detail what he lied about for 4 years, what delusions he harbored and that if he ever showed up at my door again, I would have him put in jail and I would press charges to the extent that I could… and maybe more. (Plus, I know all of his and his fucked up family’s secrets, so he hasn’t been back since. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be rid of that nest of snakes.)
But he isn’t the issue right now, someone else (two someone elses are), and I haven’t been this angry with people since then.
Last night, I watched the last installment of Micheal Palin’s Himalaya.
I’ve owned the series for quite a while, but strangely I don’t think I ever finished it. I’m a total sucker for just about anything travel documentary-y and doubly so with anything Michael Palin. Yes, I’m crushing a bit.
He’s pretty well suited for this job. He’s a dear person, funny, likes people, pretty patient and, in short, has made himself generally beloved… or at least he has managed to uphold the facade well.
I’ve followed him around the Sahara, the Himalayas, the 30 degree mark from Pole to Pole and Around the World in 80 Days.  And soon, I will see a New Europe.
But what I want to talk about is his segment in Bhutan.
A couple of things struck me about that.
1. The Bhutan-ese national costume looks like a very comfy stripey or plaid cotton bathrobe and leggings. Great, where can I get a few?
2. The hiking there looks FANTASTIC. Great, when can I go? (but the $200/day tourist fee? Hmmm maybe not so much.) Mom would dig hiking with ponies carrying all the gear… but mostly she’d just want to play with the ponies.
The whole country looked beautiful and the people pretty chill.
I think right now I need a little of hiking in a beautiful place in my bathrobe… with or without ponies.
Anyone been to Bhutan? Is it all that *and* a bag of chips?

Solio experiment is over for now. I charged my nano, my bluetooth headset and my Treo exclusively from solar power since last Friday afternoon. I probably could have gone longer if I wasn’t indoor or getting out of work so late every evening. But, even though I wasn’t fully out of power when I ended the experiment, all my batteries had been at or below 50% for several days and that isn’t good for longtime battery health.
I think it was pretty successful actually. If I was on the trail I’d be able to keep my nano topped up and my Treo would last a lot longer since I wouldn’t be using the data radio or the headset much so I could get by much longer, not to mention I’d have actual sunight with my Solio on top of my pack rather than UV filtered and greyed windows to charge it from. (Plus I found PowerHero to manage the on/off aspect automatically when I normally am not using it… ~12-7am each weekday and 1-7am on weekends. I’ll take that into consideration on the next experiment.)
I listen to Pattern Recognition as a bedtime story a lot. It helps my brain to focus on that instead of going at 3 bazilion miles an hour and festering over unpleasant things that will take place the next day at work. In the story, Cayce wears a Buzz Rickson’s MA1 replication jacket. When I first read the story, I Googled the jacket and liked what I saw. Then I eBay’d a knock off of a knock off for super cheap. I now call it my Pattern Recognition jacket and it is a bit of a comfort blankie on days like today. 
Good thing the Bay Area is nice and cool or I’d roast.


One thought on “Thursday Whinging

  1. I think you could use a comfy bathrobe about now. I dig the New Europe series very much. He made me want to go to Turkey.

    Stupid people suck. I sent you some Flair at Facebook. Got get it. Flairbrowsing is fun.

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