Sunday was Tex’s birthday

It was also the xtian’s zombie day, so we planned around that and tried to schedule things for Saturday.
I also was kind of insane to get something done this weekend because between Tex getting a new job, various people being out of town before I left for Texas, being gone for 9 days and recovering from being sick those self-same 9 days, my house is a wreck; I have gotten exactly nothing done on my To Do List.
The preceding was a truly horrible sentence.
Anyhoo, I lucked out on Craigslist and found a non-smelly wingback chair for not much money, so we ran out (sniffed it first) then bought it and took it home. I’ve been looking for one of these for ages. Stopped at Target on the way back to see if the Easter stuff was on sale yet, maybe find a slipcover for the chair and get some food. I was trying to avoid the grocery store. For some reason I really hate the grocery stores lately.

We were supposed to go to the Left Bank for Tex’s bday dinner in the afternoon, but he said he really didn’t want to go anywhere and then I passed out on the bed with the cat, so we just hung out at Mike & Lee’s that night and I did my taxes on his TurboTax.
Sunday I decided that we had to actually go out for more things or there wouldn’t be lunch or dinner for the week (getting me to do anything at all after I get home lately is an exercise in futility) and I somehow got it into my head that I wanted an African Violet. The Target nearby has a garden center (one of the few left…and also what the hell is it about them closing it so that people who actually have jobs can’t make it to their hours? Hey Target, if you are trying to prove that it is a money drain, then don’t make it one by making it utterly useless and inaccessible. Gah.) and, again, I wanted to see how soon they would put the easter stuff on sale.
But they were closed.
Did they do this last year? I don’t recall that they did, but it was irritating. I did manage to get more glucosamine for Bunny at the pet store next door (she was almost out and it is making a huge difference, so I want to continue this). After all that we ended up going to TWO grocery stores anyway for low-carb tortillas and chicken… and I settled for an ivy from the florist’s section, not a violet. Sigh.
Got back and I somehow went into overdrive.
Tex put the chicken in to cook (we got boneless because even though it cost just a little more, there is less waste all around and we don’t spend time prepping the chicken) I made another spinach/bacon egg thing, moved the living room around to accomodate the new chair, vacuumed, folded some laundry and changed the sheet (Bunny made a mess. I love my cat. I love my cat. I love my cat.), did a bunch of dishes, put away the food and made lunch for the next day.
All this in a 4 hour stretch.
I still need to attack my closet, but I don’t ever think it will be tidy again, so I’ll see what I can do.
Also laundry? It sucks.
Well, actually, the washing doesn’t seem so bad. Small loads aren’t bad to hang to dry, but folding and putting away everything kicks my ass.
I think when I have a house that I can plan or re-do, I will put the laundry in my walk in closet. Actually, what I probably will do is just take over a room for my laundry stuff, my Stolmen shelves with all my clothes and travel stuff on it as well as all the general travel-ly stuff in there (books, notebooks, posters, etc) then it won’t be a bad job to put it away as I pull it out of the dryer and think how easy packing will be! I think I will end up needing 5 bedrooms in the house (my bedroom, my office, my closet room, guest room, one more room TBD) along with the other normal rooms.
Looks like I’d better hurry up and win the lotto.


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