Get Bent(o).

I have been occasionally taking lunch to work, but I haven’t been putting it in my bento a la fredlet. I found a Thermos Nissan 48 oz. Lunch Tote (at that I used some last week. But I was still a bit tired from being gone to Texas (having had no time to cook on Sunday which usually provides a week’s worth of lunch food) and then this last week I was a slug again and slept all weekend.
I may have enough energy to get to the supermarket and possibly Costco this weekend – and half the battle is getting Tex to go with me. Its entirely too easy just to slouch around the house all weekend and do nothing.)
I am still getting the hang of arranging the Nissan’s containers for food. The snap-lock ware is pretty good because I can load up the levels with the silicone separators, bulkier foods (sliced mushrooms, strawberries, etc.) and end up with lots of good nibbly food, some of which can be microwaved if necessary. The only problem with it is that it needs refrigeration (not a problem at work for me).
The Nissan is insulated beyond your wildest dreams (I got a cup years ago and it still is the best one I own.) and is good for all cold or all hot, but doesn’t allow for much bulk. I just have to figure out what I will be eating the next day and choose between the two.
Tex will be using his Nissan (I got him one for his bday this weekend-yes, he knows, I’m rubbish and waiting until the day to give him presents.) as he is in his vehicle all day and has no good option for refrigeration.
Anyhoo, the plan is to go to the store this weekend and do a batch of chicken thighs in the rotisserie and all that yummy chicken gets pulled from the bone (by Tex-I don’t touch it) and made into chicken salad or put in chunks in quinoa (reheated in the microwave with butter and parmesan cheese). I’ll do more egg things in the little silicone cups – those work well even cold and then standard lunch fodder like cottage cheese, yogurt, cheeses, fruit, green beans, ham salad, egg salad, etc.

In other news, 9 days on the road did a total number on my skin.
Serious icky poo hand was narrowly averted (and icky poo leg, icky poo arm, etc) by the techniques I figured out last time. A big thing is that my skin gets really dried out in winter in Texas not to mention all the time on planes. Add to that all the Sudafed I took just to be able to not drown I was drier than a husk. Here’s the magic trick: a washrag.
Exfoliate, baby.
I hate washrags. Well, I used to because they would get terribly smelly in the humidity and it grossed me out to have THAT on my skin. But now I have a different bathroom that allows for actual drying and it isn’t disgusting anymore.
Frankly, I’d just use a new one each day if it did because this is the key to keep the icky poo at bay.

Maybe I’ll survive the chore list this weekend since I can breathe AND my skin isn’t trying to crawl off of me.
Cross your fingers, eh?


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