Oh yeah, this is what I was going to say

Dear Crowded House (but mostly Neil Finn),
I wanted to email you this directly, but I couldn’t find a direct link.
I’ve followed you around like a puppy for 20 years.
First of all, ouch and secondly, I have every bit of music I could lay my hands on (legally, no really, look at my cd collection) that you have made.
Solo work, brother stuff, groups, proto-groups. Everything.
Now I am unhappy with the RIAA and I am under a self imposed embargo of stuff that profits them and allows them to sue their own customers, remain a dinosaur who refuses to progress and generally be selfish children who don’t want change.
So, Neil et al, I am not going to buy your music until you are no longer profiting the RIAA.
Oh yeah, it will hurt, but hopefully you’ll realize that your fans aren’t scum sucking lying thieves like that group you belong to…
So, see you when you quit them.

Did I mention ouch?
Yeah, ouch.

20 years gone.


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