Leo horoscope today 12/27


WORK AND MONEY NEWS: OK so now I do have to mention Saturn again as the planet of hard work and hard news is currently in your Money Box where he will stay for some time. Steady saving and slow spending now will help you amass if not a small fortune then at least a very healthy nest egg which you will be able to use later down the track. At work you have the chance to shine now, to really stand out and be noticed. Try not to fall into bad habits at work where you expect the daily grind to be dull and boring – the first six months of 2008 bring a whole new vibe into your chart. The tedious gruelling endlessness of the past few years is well and truly becoming a thing of the past as you start to return not just back to form but back to the best you can be. Jupiter’s move into your Daily Work and Health Zone means you should start to enjoy your daily rhythms again. For some Leos January to June 2008 will bring the first time in a long time when you’ve truly been able to say that you feel like The Really Truly Fabulous Leo That You Are. Welcome back!

[Via my Google page from Tarot.com]

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