Packing List: Green Bay, WI (in the freakin’ winter)

American Tourister carry on American Tourister carry-on*

  • REI Mistral pants
  • blue wool sweater
  • black merino wool sweater
  • long sleeve black tshirt
  • wool zipper neck layering shirt
  • long janes (two pair)
  • yoga pants
  • Champion khaki quick dry pants
  • robot boxer shorts (as jammies)
  • long sleeve burnt orange tshirt (as jammies)
  • socks/undies
  • tennies, crocs
  • REI Ultralight DaypackToys and Sundry Items:

  • Mylo and various tv shows
  • knitting (soon to be a scarf) and some knitting catalogs (porn)
  • Treo 600
  • Solio
  • Camera
  • hats, earwarmers (180’s), gloves, jacket
  • polarfleece remnants (larger than scarves, smaller than a blanket.)

  • *You wouldn’t think that this is big enough for a weekend in the cold, but since it is so very devoid of weird pockets, rigid walls and things that take up space where you should be able to put clothes, it does actually hold quite a lot.
    The actual suitcase that I will be checking has swag in it.
    I’ll probably end up dropping this into the suitcase and rolling it on board on the way back…unless I buy lots of stuff there…. like 70 pounds of cheese curds.

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