Dear Daniel Radcliffe,

(I totally know you are in love with me and read my blog, so I’ll just post here to talk to you, k? k.)
I read in an interview that you haven’t promised to do all 7 Harry Potter movies.
I realize you are being careful, not counting your chickens before they hatch, not jinxing things, etc.
BUT…. little man, if you DON’T do all 7 movies and I see some pale comparison get the Harry Potter role instead of you, I will have to track you down to whatever theater you are hanging out acting naked in (I’ll watch the play) and then tie you to a chair and read bad Harry Potter fan-fiction at you until you agree to do the movies. (yes this includes Draco/Harry slash fiction… isn’t that enough of an incentive?)
There will be no changing of actors thankyouverymuch.
I’ve gotten entirely TOO used to seeing your face on the Harry Potter movies (that I watch too often) and as I am accustomed to getting my way, you understand that Leo trait as you are one yourself, this will happen.
Thanks hunnybunny.
Now, get your heiney back onto the Harry Potter set and make me happy.


P.S. While I’m asking for stuff, I liked your hair longer, please grow it out again.

Dear Daniel Craig,
You are yummy and I’m glad they chose you as Bond. (But Dan Radcliffe, don’t get any ideas.
You can do the “Potter, Harry Potter” line if you want though.)

P.S. Loved you in the Ice House. Continue to frolic naked as much as you want.


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