you’ll have to pardon me, but I am obsessing over Harry Potter currently

(I hear it isn’t uncommon with Leo gals who have Sag moms)
But something occurred to me…
Aunt Petunia mentioned something in a fight about something “that vile boy” said when they tried to take away Harry’s wand in Order of the Phoenix and I don’t think she was talking about James Potter.
I think it was Remus Lupin.

but then something made me think about Snape… I can’t follow the logic chain though.
Maybe I’ll just go think about Alan Rickman instead…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

8/17: Here’s someone else’s thoughts on all this muck.


4 thoughts on “you’ll have to pardon me, but I am obsessing over Harry Potter currently

  1. Do you agree that Aunt Petunia is in the broom closet? I think she’s a witch who thinks it’s for “freaks” and doesn’t use her powers. I think she’ll come out in Book 7. Thoughts?

    For example: how did they know in Book 3 that Harry couldn’t use his powers outside of school? Surely Harry wouldn’t have said anything. Also Petunia seems to know some about the wizarding world in general. She didn’t seem very surprised by the letters or by Hagrid or anything in the opening of Book 1.

  2. Well, she was in the house when Lily was at Hogwart’s. And, JKR did say specifically that she isn’t a squib.
    One interesting possibility is that Dudley might show some latent ability even if he didn’t get a Hogwart’s invite.
    Runs in families you know.

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