Oh, this is so cool…

Oh, this is so cool…
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Its an Appalachian Trail game…

Sundog Outfitters (a company with a store in Damascus, VA-one of the trail towns… and possibly one I’m most interested in seeing at this point) sells it…

“You’ll learn about the Appalachian Trail as you play this game of skill, trivia
and luck. Start at either end of the Appalachian Trail and work your way North or South along this game board that depicts many of the famous and not-so-famous places and landmarks along the 2000 plus mile A.T. You’ll have to pick up food rations, answer trivia questions about the A.T and hope that the bears don’t eat your food! This game is loads of fun!
Trail Magic is a fun way to learn about the trail and the pitfalls and challenges that face thru-hikers and section hikers alike.
You wont find this one at the big box stores!”


Trail Magic refers to a nifty phenomenon on the AT (and possibly other trails) where if something goes wrong, something almost magically gives you an alternative.

For instance: Brian thru hiked the AT after graduation from H.S (wow.) and he broke one of his trekking poles.

“Oh yeah, trail magic rolled around again today. After calling Leki this morning, and learning that they won’t send me a replacement part unless I send them the broken part, all of which usually takes 2 weeks, just in time for my ride home. Anyway, I pass by an old forest road, and what do I find? One lonely hiking pole leaning against a tree, looking for a friend. Almost a little scary. I haven’t seen abandoned poles this whole trip, then a day and a half after mine broke, I find one. Not a set, just one. Weird.
I’m not sure what deity takes care of hikers, but he or she or it does do an awesome job.”