snicked from Hiromi

9 lasts
1. last place you were: work
2. last soda: diet sprite
3. last kiss: not saying. ;)
4. last movie seen: Pride and Prejudice
5. last CD you listened to: (on my iPod)
6. last bubble bath: when I was 6
7. last time you cried: no comment
8. last alcoholic beverage: Shiner Bock most likely
9. have you ever gotten drunk and thrown up: yep. a LONG time ago

8 “Have you evers”
1. have you ever dated someone twice: Yes, and now I have a rule about that very thing.
2. have you ever been cheated on: Yup. That fucker.
3. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Yep. Sometimes I get caught up in what I can do rather than what I should(n’t) do.
4. have you ever fallen in love: Yep
5. have you ever been depressed: what a stupid question. Clinically depressed? I dunno.
6. have you ever hit another person: No. Not when it wasn’t in jest.
7. have you ever skinny dipped: yep

7 states you’ve been to
1. Texas
2. Hawaii
3. New York
4. California
5. Nevada
6. Oklahoma
7. New Mexico

6 things you’ve done today
1. Yelled at Fidelity investments
2. cleaned out my car
3. Petted my cat
4. Wrote out about 50 items on my to do list
5. Thought about bags
6. Thought about packing the aforementioned bags

5 favorite things in no particular order
1. my cat
2. sushi
3. luggage
4. red leather
5. really good coffee

4 favorite colors
1. brick red
2. purple
3. periwinkle
4. baby blue

3 people you can tell anything to
1. Kramer
2. Martha
3. Bunnycat

2 things you want to do before you die
1. See the northern lights
2. travel A LOT more

1 thing you regret
1. Being a total shit until the age of 21


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