universal blogger constants

There are, across the blogging experience, several universal constants that you will run into.
One of them is when bloggers/journalse/what-have-you decide that they are going to stop journalling.
There’s one thing about a journaller: we like to write. No, actually, we NEED to write. I liken this to Lestat “going into the ground” to hibernate or rest but he comes back. Either that or they start another ‘secret’ journal and just move over there with a select few followers to seed the pile
A second universal constant is your friends/family/honeys and the inevitable realization that, yes, THIS is going in the blog.

“Mr. Tall of TranceJen fame had this happen to him today… and here it is dreadfully out of context:
“Ha ha ha!”
*rolls eyes again* “You are so ridiculous.”
“You loooooove meeeeee…”
“You’re going to write about this on your website, aren’t you.”
“Probably. Anyway, what’s your problem with the Real Doll? If you’re going to have sex with a fake person, why not have it be a quality fake person? I mean, if you want to blow that kind of dough?”
“Where would you hide it when your girlfriend came over?””

My mom knows this..she doesn’t even say it anymore, she just rolls her eyes and pauses slightly as the realization dawns on her that my little blog recorder in my head is rollling and that this will be spewed (facts altered slightly for melodramatic benefit) on fredlet.com. Tex does this, too. He gets a little more exasperated by this though. [And now even more so since I have a category just for when he asks “Are you going to blog this?“]
Mom started her own blog so I have to be careful, though Tex could do the same, I think he’s inherently too lazy to feverishly blog everything I say… he really has better things to do.
Dunno what that says about me.


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