I didn’t read this til Monday the 29th…

8/25/05 astrofish.net
“Leo: As the sun starts to warm up the Virgo section of the sky, you’re going to feel a little relief. I want you to look around the old Leo trailer, and figure out what things need to be jettisoned. Old baggage, debris, a dead houseplant, old boyfriends (or girlfriends), the litter box needs to be scrubbed out, you’re getting a clear picture here? Mercury is done with its tirade and rampage through your sign. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

That’s the chore for this next couple of days. See? Mr. Saturn is in for the long haul, or so it seems, and rather than letting someone (or something) get the jump on your Leo self, what I’m suggesting is that undertake the work yourself, before someone comes along and makes this a necessity. House cleaning, literally or figuratively, is what is required.”

funny, I wrote the 28th’s post without reading that…


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