I was notified by members of the general public (ok, one person) that I have been remiss in my duty of keeping them apprised of the daily whatnots and wherewithalls of fredlet. (yikes! you mean someone out there actually reads my webpages?!?)
Well, let’s see I’ve been working non stop lately, in fact I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to mail my favorite guy and pester him. (I’m sure he’s so disappointed…darling, let me know if you are lonely for me and I’ll be glad to fly out and take you to dinner.)
Turkey day is coming up and I’ll be heading down to mom’s to help cook endless quantities of food that we won’t be able to eat on our own, but the cooking is the fun part I think.
Also went out with the team from work last week for a celebratory dinner at a local pub and had the yummiest stout beer I think I’ve had in ages. Watch out Michael, my pet, I’m keeping you at your word for going out for a holiday beer!
Oh and one last thing: here’s my special guest appearance in the mareciless universe doing an outfit check a la mareciless:

outfit check for fredlet
too big jeans $ stolen from ex
T-shirt $ stolen from ex
sweater from express $40?
devil horns headband from target $6
clompy black shoes from mervyn’s $32
total outfit without shoes: $46


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