I’m just wondering…how different would my life be if I really did sell everything, buy a trailer and just drive all over the U.S. and really try to write…possibly do a bit of web freelancing?
I’ve always been totally paranoid of not being able to pay my bills and wondering where my next meal was coming from. I suppose it has to do with a phrase like “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I’m pretty lucky to have a cool (if not a totally nuts) family, a pretty spiffy job, a great cat and great friends.
I guess I’m just getting antsy to travel again. its been a year since i’ve shaken things up and sniffed around a new place.
Countdown to Europe: 1 year 10 months
(dontcha know I’ll have to find a way to travel before then? I kinda want to explore NYC a little more than I did last year, but its soooo expensive…and I have a little too few vacation hours.)

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