Mini honeymoon: cute and practical outfit

Not as worried about sun today (traipsing about Carmel, Ca) but it is super muggy and atypically warm.

So I went with my Columbia pants, because comfy, my Solomon sneaks (colorful and comfy) and the Jarritos sugar skull shirt from tarzhay (it’s been commented on all day…so fun) with a purple Columbia shirt on top when it gets cooler.

…and my day pack.  
I can be seen from space!


Mini honeymoon: practical outfit (though still kinda cute) #2

I am so pale I fluoresce. So I love the Columbia shirts that are quick dry and SPF50 or so. Columbia quick dry pants (though not convertible) and faithful Merrell ventilators that also accompanied me on part of the Appalachian trail. Figured it would do me well wandering around with craggy rocks and beaches with wimpy ankles.

Collar was up to protect my neck, but I didn’t need to wear my Tilley hat today even though I had it in my daypack.